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Hello world!

An introduction to this little endeavour: firstly, a greeting is due to Dr Sean Doyle, who will likely be the only one who actually peruses the whole of this web log. Secondly, as an explanation of purpose is likely also necessary, let me briefly give you an outline of what you will also find in the “About” section.

There are five students collaborating on an art history project over the course of this semester, and the fruits of our labours can be found here. Each category on the bar up top is run by a different person, and we each work to develop themes and individual works of art within our spheres.

Our theme overall, in case you hadn’t guessed, is the Virgin Mary. We are working hard to find works of art either of her or associated with her that we may then gain and disseminate a greater understanding of them. Paintings, mosaics, statues, fountains, frescoes, carvings, cathedrals… any number of selections from these may be found here.

We hope that you enjoy this little corner of the web, if this is something you’re interested in, and be on the lookout for further progress on the project!

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